Change management project

East Europe fast growing Company. The C.E.O. understands removing existing barriers to productivity and expansion and go on growing means in the first place implementing
a culture change. He contacts with Bedor EXCEM which starts a project were managers at all levels, from foremen to managing director, are involved in the understanding of the current situation, the identification of the barriers and the development and implementation of appropriate solutions. By the end of the project,

  • Throughput increases by 20%,
  • Productivity improves 35%,
  • Company can face deliveries positively and,
  • Treasury problems are behind.

C.E.O. says:
"Using Bedor EXCEM systems enabled us in achieving new records in Production levels and in Productivity"

"I really think Bedor EXCEM helped us to change for the best and made out of our people better Managers"

Production Director says:
"The new structure proposed by Bedor EXCEM facilitated the work of the shift-supervisors and they start doing their job much more effective"