Re-organisation project

A very important logistical operator, warehousing and distributing goods of several large known multinational clients, had high levels of working capital costs (human resources and equipment), affecting its competitiveness, but still was a market leader in his field.

The internal inefficiencies were obvious for the executives, but to change the beliefs and habits of middle management, was becoming the obstacle.

The 24 hour work ambient was chaotic, leaving little time to think about to what to do, where to start...

Bedor Excem focused the attention of high and middle management:

  • In methods to think and analyse management problems and process problems (opportunities)
  • In methods of planning, follow-up and control the processes
  • In methods of master planning human resources, equipment and space

After a few months of implementation and follow-up:

  • Human resources productivity increased 30%
  • Warehouse equipment was diminished by 30%
  • Customer complaints reduced to nearly zero
  • The rotation of warehousing personnel decreased dramatically

In the end, the CEO said:
We know our business well, that is why we grow much and fast, but when we had repetitive problems, we were not able to stop and think.  With Bedor Excem we increased the productivity a lot, but, further on,  with the tools Bedor Excem implemented, we know we still have much space to grow".