Re-engineering project

Company belonging to the food industry and specializing in the production and distribution of fresh products is experiencing great problems due to the combination of two factors:

  • raw materials are quoted internationally and prices are rising up
    dangerously and,
  • the market is getting more and more competitive.

When the Company C.E.O. meet Bedor EXCEM the situation was such that he was preparing himself to sell the company before it was too late. Instead he finally decides, using Bedor EXCEM expertise, to go for a full re-engineering before taking a decision. Very quickly after a six month project:

  • Productivities go up by 30%,
  • Material losses drop down by 50%,
  • Customer complaints drop down to Zero
  • Sales start to show again and
  • The company goes from red to black numbers and the banks which
    were refusing credits propose themselves to help the company.

C.E.O. says:
"Without Bedor EXCEM help we wouldn't be here today"

Worker says:
"Before the project when going to work in the morning, I knew that I was starting an endless day of work and that we were not going to be ready with the orders when leaving. Now, without even working overtime we are ready in 8 hours time and the Customer Complaints drop to zero!"