Skils training project

A multinational company in the textile business that is known internationally for its women fashion products was going through a decline in the sales in its chain of shops, whilst simultaneously the shops’ costs were increasing.

After the initial contacts between the President and Bedor Excem, an analysis of the overall situation was decided.

As result of its analysis, Bedor EXCEM proposed an action plan in order to invert the situation.

After the approval of the action plan, the implementation of the following activities started:

  • Clients’ behaviours and buying habits were studied
  • A motivational shop supervision training program was implemented
  • Individual performance indicators per salesperson were established
  • Realistic individual goals per salesperson were communicated
  • Individual sales training program for the shops employees was developed and implemented
  • Shops’ procedures and organization were changed in detail
  • New personal planning procedures were implemented
  • The one-one Marketing plan was fine-tuned and implemented

After a 4 months program:

  • Sales increased 10 %
  • Human resource costs were reduced by 15 %
  • Personnel motivation increased

After the implementation of the program the President commented:

"We tried everything, worked until late hours thinking what to do, had long meetings
with the management, but problems still persisted".

"After watching your methods, we realized that although we knew how to design, manufacture and merchandise our products, we didn't really know how to solve the organizational problems that affected our daily sales operations and costs; today we know how to do that."